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Advanced Finishing School Programme for Men

A Finishing School works on improving one’s Image, enhancing Etiquette – Social, Dining, and Business, and cultivating Communication skills, verbal and non-verbal, for Personal and Professional success

10 modules of an hour and a half to two hours each

Learning to develop positive and powerful non-verbal communication / Body Language and creating cutting-edge First Impressions while walking tall and using appropriate Gestures.


Building non-verbal bridges of Communication and developing rapport with others.


Learning ‘Right’ v/s ‘Rude’ in the global arena while cultivating charisma.


Crossing of legs, placement of hands, selecting stance, Open and Closed Body Language.


Studying Instinctive v/s Acquired Hand and Facial gestures for calm, confident and comfortable communication, as studied by Body Language experts in the field.

3.  Dress for Success

2.  Personal Hygiene

The tools of the table are important tools in our Social and Business worlds. Oftentimes, a good deal follows a good meal!
Freedom from social inhibitions allows you to dine like a Diplomat.


A sit-down lunch practical using Continental and American styles of eating, accepted all over the world.


An overview of Napkin Etiquette, Soup Etiquette, Bread Etiquette and timeless Table Manners.


Handling some difficult to eat foods while learning grace under pressure.

Business Etiquette is often etched in stone and needs to be followed as we show up as Ambassadors for ourselves, our company and our country.


Building Ambassador Skills and Winning Attributes.


Learning appropriate Business Introductions.


Using appropriate Honorific or Titles while addressing someone.


Meeting and Greeting with powerful Handshakes and Business card savvy.


Networking and creating lasting Business bonds.


Understanding ‘neutral’ global Business Protocol.


Perfecting Business Writing skills and Netiquette to become a Congruent Communicator.


Learning NATO language or International Radio Telephony while communicating with colleagues all over the world.


Partaking of Business Dinners while seating Guests-of-honours and offering a Special Toast.

4.  Social Etiquette I

Polishing your Public Speaking skills by learning tips and tricks from the best of orators.


Hooking in an audience and keeping them vested till the end.


Addressing audiences from various walks of life with Panache.


Using tried and tested ways to calm the nerves and give of your best.


Mastering Paralanguage and cultivating an excellent, well-modulated voice.

5.  Social Etiquette II

1.  Posture, Poise and Presence

Clothes cover 90% of the body and are a great business tool to project your Image.


Developing magnetic Personal and Professional appeal through Cut and Colour.


Mastering the art of coordinating the jacket, shirt and tie and becoming a timeless Classic.


Power Dressing and understanding various Genres of dress - White Tie, Black Tie, Business Formal, Business Casual, Smart Casual and Casual Wear.


Choosing Accessories, Shoes, Socks, Bags, Belts, Watches and becoming a man of detail.


Wearing of an appropriate Tie knot to suit the collar and to create your Personal Signature.


Building your Personal Brand as you build your Wardrobe

Learning simple tips and tricks to maintain a clean and classy image always.

Good Manners never goes out of style! Understanding the term ‘Etiquette’ and its applicability in the New-Age.


Cultivating social graces as a Host and as a Guest, in the global arena.


Meeting, Greeting and Seating along with appropriate Social Introductions and Farewells.


Decoding Table Settings for up to a 7-course meal while being introduced to and identifying various Flatware and Stemware.


Cultivating skills to be comfortable with anyone, across any table, anywhere in the world.


The gift of Toasting.


The art of Gifting.


International Tipping Etiquette.


The Grace of Gratitude.

6.  Dining Etiquette

7.  Business Etiquette

8.  Presentation Skills

An introduction to different cuisines across the globe, Chopstick Etiquette, Tea Etiquette, Wine and Cheese pairings, including a detailed understanding of a twelve-course meal, and more.

Learning the Do’s and Don’ts of Conversation and becoming a good, in fact, a great Conversationalist.


Losing one’s self-consciousness while building bridges of communication, this time, Verbally.


Using Positive and Powerful words while building Listening Skills.


Polishing your English skills for better Communication

Q&A and Certification

9.  The Art of Conversation

10.  Graduation

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