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“Your lessons are gold!” 

 Silke Nilsson, mother of Ann-Chistin, International Tennis player and participant of The Finishing School. (2013)

“This training has been an excellent experience for me…you are truly my role model.”

Shreya Gupta, Chief Consultant,  Style Confidence. (2015)

“The best part of the programme is Saloni Duggal and learning from her!”

Anu Prabhakar, Actor. (2015)

In an increasingly competitive world, it is essential for every individual/professionals to realize the importance of grooming, social & business etiquette, oral and written communication skills to give them the cutting edge on the corporate & personal front.


Florina Finishing School offers all of the above & hence stands as one-stop school for self-awareness.

I had taken this course in Jan 2017 and Saloni had coached & trained in a way to realize my true potential which helped me step-up in my career & today, people in the organization recognize me as a Leader. Saloni inspires personal style and to develop well-rounded personalities who can face the challenges of life with the greatest confidence.

Hats off to you!!!

Anand J, General Manager at Randstad Sourceright. (2017)

My family and I had an absolutely amazing time with Saloni. She had curated a program for a family like ours for the first time. My wife and son accompanied me and we realised there is a wealth of knowledge, learnings and application to her teachings around business etiquette, dress sense, social etiquette, written etiquette and dining manners including table settings. Her classes were very professionally conducted and she gave us lot of practical lessons including walking postures, colour combinations, make up sessions for my wife, suggestions for shopping accessories and clothes and even hosted us for lunch at The Leela where all of what we had learnt came in very handy.

I fundamentally believe all of us, especially our children need to be formally taught these life skills and this should also be introduced as a mandatory subject in schools.

I will recommend Florina Finishing School to anyone who is a visionary and wants to learn the ' winning ways' from a true professional and gem of a teacher like Saloni.

Thank You,

Abhishek,  Chief Financial Officer, Myntra. (2022)

“Attending Ms. Saloni Duggal's classes at Florina Finishing School has been a transformative journey and I can see it having a lasting, positive impact on my life.


Her lessons are intuitive and engaging, making the learning not only informative but also enjoyable. She illuminates simple yet often overlooked aspects of personality development, providing deep insights.

The experience has significantly enhanced my posture, communication skills and dress sense and equipped me with essential tools for confidently navigating personal and professional life.


I highly recommend her classes to anyone looking to invest in their personal growth and professional development.”

Aayush Deshraj, Artificial Intelligence software developer, Turing, USA. (2024)

A wonderful experience with Mrs. Saloni Duggal at Florina Finishing School. Quite an insightful course. It's the small things, actions or gestures that matter, at Florina Finishing School you can learn all about it.

Raghav Sarda, Director and Co-Founder of Vanna Extracts Pvt. Ltd. (2022)

The classes at Florina with Saloni Duggal helped me understand the nuanced social and professional worlds and how to navigate them better. After only a few classes, I felt more self-aware, present, and confident.

I appreciate Ms. Duggal for her extensive knowledge, patience, and ability to discern and offer the most necessary tools and for curating the classes to address my specific needs. She also walks the talk so to speak, which made it easier to grasp the skills she taught.

Anu P, Writer and Editor. (2023)

Florina Finishing School is an excellent place to learn certain life skills one seldom gets taught in a formal way - Etiquettes. I attended Saloni ma’am’’a workshop in 2014-15 and derived immense benefits. Her inputs on executive presence, dining manners, speaking and presentation skills etc. are still etched in my memory. I was so impressed with the workshop that I have enrolled my daughter, who is now set to embark on her university life, for the program.

Aman Sharma, Business Head, Murugappa Group. (2014)

Dear Saloni,
Hope this email finds you safe and well during these challenging times. 
My name is Pooja Nagesh, and I was your student, not once but twice (since I was heading abroad to pursue a master’s degree in business administration, we did a refresher course as well)!
I’m writing in to thank you for all the knowledge, tips and tricks that you shared with me during my time at the finishing school in 2018. They helped me immensely to make an impact at the Business school especially during presentations and team activities/meetings, as well as landed me internships at the best international organisations.
I’m happy to let you know that I have successfully completed my master’s degree and graduated with flying colors from Warwick Business School in the United Kingdom and have moved back to Bangalore now.  
Hope to see you sometime and share a few more stories from my travel experiences and stay abroad, once the pandemic subsides. 
Thank you once again and a virtual hug!

Kind Regards,

Pooja Nagesh

Happy new year 2017! Hope you're doing well :)


I'm excited to share my interview for Cornell's student spotlight <> with you. Thank you for support and encouragement throughout my journey, I will always remain grateful to you for it. Attending your finishing school helped me a lot and has made me a more confident girl. Thank you again.


Warm wishes,



Saloni has a wonderful way with people. She understood my personality and the lessons were customised based on my individual need. Each interaction I had with her has been a truly enriching experience. I highly recommend these sessions to all those who would like to bring out the best in themselves.

Elizabeth Joseph, Bride-to-be. (2022)

My experience was extremely useful and enriching in manifold ways. The program enabled me to enhance my confidence levels and self esteem. I learnt important life skills in terms of knowledge in a wide spectrum whether it is communication, presentation, body language, mannerisms etc as well as inculcating an approach and attitude to manage & face any challenges in both professional and personal life. It also facilitated in confidence enhancement, self grooming, learning key business etiquettes and enabling interactions with leading industry experts, business partners and even friends & relatives.

Ajay Bhatia, Senior Vice-President, Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Co Ltd. (2014)

Florina Finishing School gives its students the best of the best. It has retained the essence the classic teachings while staying relevant to this era.

Amatullah V - participant of The Teacher’s Training Programme.


An engraved wooden plaque by Divya Nandakumar, participant of The Teacher’s Training Programme.

An engraved wooden plaque by Divya Nandakumar, participant of The Teacher’s Training Programme.

Attending the leadership program at Florina Finishing School was an absolutely empowering journey, especially as a queer woman. It truly transformed me for the better. Navigating both professional and personal spheres, I found a remarkable ally in Saloni, whose inclusivity and understanding were beyond measure.


In the beginning, I had some reservations, but Saloni graciously initiated an open dialogue about my unique circumstances. I feel immensely fortunate to have had her guidance. The course surpassed mere syllabi, delving into tailored self-expression and confidence-building, aligning perfectly with my identity. Saloni's dedication to inclusivity and sensitivity made every step of the journey meaningful and affirming.


The atmosphere of inclusivity and support provided an ideal platform for both personal growth and professional development. This program not only equipped me with essential leadership skills, the nuances that set you apart from the crowd but also celebrated diversity, fostering a profound sense of belonging, acceptance and congruence. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone seeking to unlock their potential and flourish in a genuinely supportive and empowering environment.

Rohini Kulkarni, Country Lead, AEC and Digital Space. (2024)

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