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Basic Finishing School Programme for Men

A Finishing School works on improving one’s Image, enhancing Etiquette – Social, Dining, and Business, and cultivating Communication skills, verbal and non-verbal, for Personal and Professional success

10 modules of an hour each

Posture is how you carry yourself, Poise is Posture in motion and Presence is the energy you create and carry with you in every space you enter.

Learning to develop positive and powerful non-verbal communication / Body Language and creating cutting-edge First Impressions while walking tall and using appropriate Gestures.


Building bridges of Communication and developing rapport with others.

2.  Dress Sense

3.  Personal Hygiene

Over lunch, you will be taught Continental and American styles of eating, accepted all over the world. Over this practical session, you will further improve your table manners.

Understanding the importance of developing your business skills with powerful Handshakes, Business Card savvy, Introductions, Oral and Written Communication.

4.  Social Etiquette I

Learning how to public speak from the best of orators to hook in any audience.

5.  Social Etiquette II

1.  Posture, Poise and Presence

Understanding various genres of dress and creating an effective wardrobe along with accessorising for Power Dressing.

Colour and colour combining is an art and in this module, you will be taken through the intricacies of combining jacket, shirts and ties keeping cut and colour in mind.

Learn how to tie the appropriate tie knot for your collar for an additional boost to the image.

Learning simple tips and tricks to maintain a clean and classy image always.

Learning social graces as a host and a guest in the global arena and various table settings up to a five-course meal.

6.  Dining Etiquette

7.  Business Etiquette

8.  Presentation Skills

An introduction to different cuisines across the globe, Chopstick Etiquette, Tea Etiquette, Wine and Cheese pairings, etc.

Learning the do’s and do-nots in Conversation, to build bridges of communication, verbally.

Q&A and Certification

9.  The Art of Conversation

10.  Graduation

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