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An intensive 8-hour Personal Coaching Programme for Personal and Professional Success

The following modules, or a combination thereof, are curated to suit the Company’s requirements for coaching at all management levels within the Company in a personalized, interactive, hands-on manner

Executive Finishing School Programme

A Positive Aura enhances productive performance and creates confidence and charisma.


Develop your Personality with a perfect blend of a positive attitude and perfect mannerisms.


Crack the Body Language code to make Positive First Impressions.


Create perfect carriage through Posture & Poise training.


Learn appropriate usage of hands, crossing of legs, facial gestures and other silent communication in an attempt to learn ‘Right’ v/s ‘Rude’ in the global arena.



Our Business Mannerisms reflect on ourselves, our company and our country.


Sharpen your Business Tools with the knowledge of Powerful Introductions, including self-introductions.


Heighten your Business savvy with perfect Handshakes and Business Card Etiquette.


Use effective Body Language, or non-verbal skills in building bridges of communication.


Enrich your skills at Networking and in other aspects of Professional Etiquette.


Refine your Written and Oral Communication style


Perfect the art of making Powerful Presentations.

Professional etiquette has to be a product of polished manners and good communication.


Voice has a great impact on your communication. Practise Voice Modulation and powerful Public Speaking.


Cultivating conversational skills is an art which creates rapport and trust.

Learn how to be a good, in fact, a great Conversationalist.


Grooming tips to enhance your Image Quotient as a clean image is clearly classy!


Clothing and presence is a silent but powerful language. Are you packaged for Success?


Decipher the psychological effect of Colour and colour combinations.


Decode the different Genres of Business Attire – Formal, Business Casual and Casual.


Build a perfect, workable wardrobe with emphasis on Fit, Fabric and Colour.


Choose the correct Accessories to enhance your Style Quotient.


Be a man or woman of detail and pave your way to Success.


Look your best by learning to dress according to your Body Type.

Increase your civility, grace and good manners as a Host or Guest in any social situation.


Practise Social Courtesies and Appropriate Introductions as perfect ‘starters’ in a party.


Cultivate Social Graces including those of Meeting, Greeting and saying Goodbye, the Art of Gift-giving and Toasting.


Social Faux-pas and how to avoid them.

A good deal often follows a good meal!


Learn the art of Fine Dining with Polished Mannerisms.


Acquire the Knowledge of using Flatware with flair.


Read Table Settings with confidence and ease.


Explore International Cuisine.




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