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Teacher’s Training Programme

A Finishing School Programme improves one’s Image, enhances Etiquette - Social, Dining and Business, and cultivates Communication Skills, verbal and non-verbal, while bringing out the Personal and Professional best in others. 


Posture, Poise, Presence and Personality

(Offline & Online)

Posture is how you carry yourself, Poise is posture in motion and Presence is the energy you carry everywhere you go. Personality is the sum total of this.


Undergoing intensive Posture and Poise training throughout the programme, while identifying different postures and positioning in others and carefully correcting them.

Getting in and out of a room, chair, car, jacket and up and down the stairs with grace.

Learning the proper handling and placement of Day and Evening handbags.
Posturing for greater success.

Cultivating Congruence in your Communication, exuding Confidence, while becoming a Charismatic Communicator.

Identifying the Assets and Challenges of every Client and bringing out their best.


Body Language

(Offline & Online)

Building bridges of Communication while learning the nuances of body language/non-verbal communication and forging friendships for life. You could learn to read a person like a book!

Creating cutting-edge First Impressions since YOU are the message.

Being Cross-Culturally appropriate and knowing ‘Right’ v/s ‘Rude’ in the global arena.

Crossing of legs, placement of hands, selecting stance, Open and Closed Body Language.

Studying Instinctive v/s Acquired Hand and Facial gestures for calm, confident and comfortable communication, as studied by Body Language experts in the field.


Dress for Success (For Women)

(Offline & Online)

Dress to Impress while you learn about Colour Psychology and Colour Combining.

Using the Colour Wheel to help your client evolve their Personal Style.

Body Type Dressing and Designer tips and tricks for each type to accentuate assets.

Choosing appropriate Necklines, Hemlines and Innerwear.

Accessorising with the right choices of Handbags, Shoes, Jewellery and more.

Understanding different Genres of dress to be well turned out at all times.


Dress for Success (For Men)

(Offline & Online)

Clothes cover 90% of the body and are a great business tool to project your Image.

Developing magnetic Personal and Professional appeal through Cut and Colour.

Mastering the art of coordinating the jacket, shirt and tie and becoming a timeless Classic.

Power Dressing and understanding various Genres of dress - White Tie, Black Tie, Business Formal, Business Casual, Smart Casual and Casual Wear.

Choosing Accessories, Shoes, Socks, Bags, Belts, Watches and becoming a man of detail.

Wearing of an appropriate Tie knot to suit the collar and to create your Personal Signature.

Building your Personal Brand as you build your Wardrobe.


Personal Hygiene

(Offline & Online)

Customising a Self-Care routine to nurture yourself from inside and out.

Selecting and customising Personal Hygiene routines for men and women, as a Clean Image is Clearly Classy.


3-minute Nude or Natural Day Make-up

(Offline & Online)

Make-up Fundamentals and Make-up Tools.

Increasing Visual Presence with subtle techniques.

Understanding the Dynamics of each face and how to enhance assets or conceal, as required.

Identifying own face structure and applying make-up to suit, in a jiffy – Practical.


Make-up lesson II

(Offline & Online)

The 5-minute Corporate/Luncheon look to upscale your Business Image and Visual Appeal.


Make-up lesson III

(Offline & Online)

The easy Evening look for eventful evenings.

A Classic look for Corporate events, Social soirees or for Brides-to-be.

Make-up for all age groups.



(Offline only)

Learning simple 2-minute hairstyles for daily wear – Practical

This, along with the 3-minute make-up technique simplifies life and ensures polished presentation.


Social Etiquette

(Offline & Online)

Good Manners never goes out of style!

Understanding the term ‘Etiquette’ and it’s applicability in the New-Age.

Cultivating social graces as a Host and as a Guest, in the global arena.

Meeting, Greeting and Seating along with appropriate Social Introductions and Farewells.

Decoding Table Settings for up to a 7-course meal while being introduced to and identifying various Flatware and Stemware.

Cultivating skills to be comfortable with anyone, across any table, anywhere in the world.

The gift of Toasting.

The art of Gifting.

International Tipping Etiquette.

The Grace of Gratitude.


Dining Etiquette

(Offline only)

The tools of the table are important tools in our Social and Business worlds. Oftentimes, a good deal follows a good meal! Freedom from social inhibitions allows you to dine like a Diplomat.

A sit-down lunch practical using Continental and American styles of eating, accepted all over the world.

An overview of Napkin Etiquette, Soup Etiquette, Bread Etiquette and timeless Table Manners.

Handling some difficult to eat foods while learning grace under pressure.


World Cuisine

(Offline & Online)

An introduction to different Cuisines, Tea Etiquette, Chopstick Etiquette, Wine and Cheese pairings, and learning about course selections in a formal 12-course meal.

Handling tricky pronunciations as we indulge our taste buds with Continental fare.


Business Etiquette

(Offline & Online)

Business Etiquette is often etched in stone and needs to be followed as we show up as Ambassadors for ourselves, our company and our country.

Building Ambassador Skills and Winning Attributes.

Learning appropriate Business Introductions.

Using appropriate Honorific or Titles while addressing someone.

Meeting and Greeting with powerful Handshakes and Business card savvy.

Networking and creating lasting Business bonds.

Understanding ‘neutral’ global Business Protocol.

Perfecting Business Writing skills and Netiquette in an attempt to becoming a Congruent Communicator.

Learning NATO language or International Radio Telephony while communicating with colleagues all over the world.

Partaking in Business Dinners while seating Guests-of-honours and offering a Special Toast.


Presentation Skills

(Offline & Online)

Polishing your Public Speaking skills by learning tips and tricks from the best of orators.

Hooking in an audience and keeping them engaged till the end.

Addressing audiences from various walks of life with Panache.

Using tried and tested ways to calm the nerves and give of your best.

Learning breathing techniques to help cultivate timbre and tone for better delivery.


The Art of Conversation

(Offline & Online)

No one is born a Conversationalist. Conversation is an art that has to be cultivated.

Learning the Do’s and Don’ts of Conversation and becoming a good, in fact, a great  Conversationalist.

Losing one’s self-consciousness while building bridges of Communication, this time, verbally.

Using positive and powerful words while building Listening Skills.

Mastering Paralanguage and cultivating an excellent voice quality.


Modelling Module II

(Offline & Online)

A module not just for Models, but for those wanting to perfect Posture, Poise, Presence and Positioning.

Learning various styles of ramp-walks while posing with poise.

Posing for photographs, looking your best and accentuating your best angles.

Winning over an audience while creating a WOW-factor.

Becoming an Irresistible You!


Modelling Module II

(Offline & Online)

Model’s Walks & Turns, showcasing different types of attire and accessories.

Judging a fashion show. Thinking on your feet in a witty Question and Answer session.


Pre-teens & Teens / Young Adults workshop

(Offline & Online)

Creating age-related modules on Image, Etiquette and Communication for Individuals and Educational Institutions.

Creating modules for the new generation in a fun, easy-to-learn manner, for them to grow into adulthood with utmost confidence while putting their best foot forward and overcoming inhibitions.


Fine Dining and Restaurant Etiquette

(Offline only)

Dining at a fine-dine restaurant, navigating our way through various courses and cuisines, while discussing the way forward.


Wellness Coaching

(Offline & Online)

Success = 99% Positive Mental Attitude. To house a healthy mind-set, we need a healthy body.

Learning lifestyle tools and daily routines to create a mind-body connection, increasing focus and in turn, attracting abundance and greater success in all fields of life.

The Wellness Module includes the dynamic and popular practice of Face Yoga.

Just as we exercise our bodies, we exercise our faces for tons of benefits.

Virtual meet-ups have become the norm of the day where our Facial Gestures are spotlighted.

Developing amiable, approachable Facial Expressions, getting rid of frown lines and expression lines which may miscommunicate your message and sabotage your real one.

Mastering Face Massage techniques for lymphatic drainage, toning and uplifting the facial muscles to ease up facial gestures.

The added benefit of youthful, radiant glow is a bonus too hard to resist!

Test for Graduation

(Offline & Online)

Train the Trainer to refine your newly learned skills.

The Teacher’s Training Programme is a 40+ hour Finishing School Programme and we will work, one-on-one, on mutually convenient days and timings.

I will be available for 12 months post-programme for mentoring and you will receive complete guidance on how to successfully take your Finishing School forward to coach a diverse audience - Corporate groups from Induction to Leadership and individuals of all ages, from all walks of life, be it Sportspersons, Actors, Models, Politicians, Professionals, Homemakers, Brides-to-be, Students, or members of the Hospitality Industry and Educational Institutions – with utmost confidence.

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